For the history of Aleeya.net in a Nutshell, it started out a few years ago as Aleeya.dhs.org. I began designing Aleeya.dhs.org for a place to store my notes and ideas while I was learning about computers in class. Since then, it has gone through many changes to become what it is today.

Even though Aleeya.net began just as place for me to tinker, it has become much more than that. I enjoy putting things together, taking them apart, learning and watching others learn. I like fixing things that are broken, and trying to figure out what ‘broke’ them. This is what has “built” Aleeya.net – my thirst to learn. And now, I want to be able to pass on that information.

Personally, computers will always be a hobby to me, whether I am a tech as a career, or whether I work on them in my spare time. Networks, the internet, and computers in general fascinate me.
I hold a few computer Certifications that I have acquired over the years. One of these days, my next certification will be a Linux or a Unix Certification.

My fortes in computers are Networks, Security and Operating Systems. I have also had experience in computer forensics and one day would love to be a Computer Forensics Specialist. To me, they all go hand in hand.

I am not about being malicious, breaking things, being destructive and the like. I am about learning how things work to prevent things from happening. On this website, you will not find “crackz”, “warez” or destructive tools that are for the intentions of causing harm.

I believe in the Old School definition of hacking. If you were a Garden Hacker, it did not mean you destroyed watermelons. If you were a Sewing Hacker, it did not mean you sewed Viruses into blankets. The true, original definition of a hacker goes back to the late 60’s and early 70’s. It was a compliment to be a hacker.

Whatever type of hacker you were, it just meant you knew your stuff way better than the average person. A Computer Hacker was just a guy at MIT who knew computers inside and out and could get them to run better than anyone else.

I have other hobbies of mine include Geocaching, Amateur Radio, and who knows what other Projects I get hooked on that I have added to this site.

As for all of the files, programs and information on this site, I can tell you my outcome after using them, but I cannot be held responsible for how you use these. Use the knowledge, tweaks, info and files with care, and make backups if you need to.

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