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How To Choose Your Website Design And Development Agency?

If you are here, it may be because you are looking for a partner to set up your website. You are probably looking for information that would help you make the right choice of agency (Walter Interactive’s…). You probably think to yourself; there are so many agencies, how can I make sure I work with the one that suits me best?

Do you already work with an agency?

If you are already working with an agency and you are wondering if Walter Interactive is for you, know that we are a solid company that has been working for several years with major Quebec companies such as Voyages Bergeron, Passion Monde, Groupe Duval, Bijouterie Italienne, to name a few. We offer strategy, design and development services for websites. We have among our team: project managers specialized in the digital field who have developed a specific approach to designing effective sites (SEO-SEM) without giving you headaches, an international team of front end and back end developers who work fast, graphic designers who know how to put your idea into images and maximize digital opportunities, IU/UX designers who work side by side with programmers and deliver quality. It should also be noted that our team is young and dynamic, that it is great to work with us, that we are not only passionate but also very dedicated. We love our customers and we are sure you will love us. See our references.

You are looking for an agency and want to organize yourself?

If, on the other hand, you are not yet working with an agency, we would like to offer you some ideas to organize and facilitate your research process. To do this, we propose a list of elements to consider with suggestions to guide your analysis.

We start with this:

Identify your priority needs

Generally speaking, agencies specialize in strategy, design or web development. All agencies offer all of these services, but it is advisable to work with the agency whose speciality is in line with your most important need (and possibly your budget). At Walter Interactive, for example, we offer strategy and design services, but our strength is especially in website development.

We must therefore consider:

If you are not sure of the best web approach to achieve your business objectives, consider an agency that specializes in digital strategy. You will then be well supported to find the best way to connect, through your web presence, with your target customers.

If your business plan suggests the implementation of a very innovative website, and the differentiation criterion is the most important for your success, it is advisable to turn to an agency renowned for its design capabilities.

If, on the other hand, you have a clear idea of your needs or if your site requires high technical requirements, it is better to turn to an agency that specializes in development (and one that can do it quickly at a competitive price).

Have a budget

It is possible to deploy a website for as little as $5,000, but some sites are so strategic for their business that they dedicate sums of several hundred thousand dollars, even millions. When it comes to shopping for your agency and discussing your project, it’s important not to get carried away. The budget envelope available for this initiative must have been defined in advance.

The construction of a site can easily involve many secondary costs. In addition, after the launch of the site, you will inevitably need to optimize your pages and keep them up to date. It is therefore important to set aside part of your budget for these operating costs.

A good agency will inform you of these costs in advance and try to eliminate as many as possible. She can tell you if the costs related to these services are included in your estimate or if they are additional services that you have to pay separately.

With this information and knowing your priorities, agencies will be able to organize your budget, regardless of its size, around them.

Taking the time to choose your agency according to these criteria will help you a lot when launching your project. You should end with a good understanding of what the selected team will do, the key skills the agency will bring to the table and the agency’s knowledge of its clients and how best to make the project a success.

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