Tips To Protect And Keep Your Computer Running

Today we offer you ten tips and best practices to put in place on your computer to make it last in good conditions. Nothing very complex, just simple things and common sense that will allow your computer to last and withstand the time and various attacks it may suffer.

Use two partitions on your hard disk

Why put everything on this famous C disc? With the large storage capacities of today’s hard disks, it is possible to partition your hard disk into several disks. For example, a C disk where the system and applications are located and a D disk to store your documents, images, movies, music, etc. This way, in case of a problem, you can start a smooth reinstallation of disk C without affecting the data left on disk D! For more information on handling, visit this page.

Have an up-to-date antivirus software

Of course, you must install an antivirus on your PC. Today, many free antivirus software (Avast, Microsoft Security Essential, etc.) provide interesting protection for the needs of most average users. It should also be noted that the price of paid protection has now decreased significantly and that it is possible to opt for a paid antivirus against only a few tens of euros per year. But the best antivirus is and will always be the user.

There is also no need to install two antivirus software on your computer. At best, the second one will be ineffective. At worst, it will make the first one ineffective! If you ever catch a virus, don’t think your protection software is ineffective. Instead, think about reviewing the way you use your computer by asking yourself the question: how did I get this virus? Malware is most often installed by surfing suspicious or trapped sites, opening an email, downloading pirated software or connecting an unknown device.

Never open the email of an unknown sender

When you receive an email from someone you do not know and/or it is not clearly identifiable. No need to open it and click on the email link, you can delete it directly and report it as spam if your mailbox allows it. Make sure that if someone really wants to get in touch with you, they are not sure they have your email. And then, he will be able to write a precise email subject and clearly identify himself so that doubt is not allowed.

Update your software

We all agree on that. Updating Windows or other software never comes at the right time. But it should be noted that the majority of what these updates contain concerns security. Software vendors are very sensitive to the security of their software and want users to always be able to use it safely. So, yes, it is long and tedious but it can save you a lot of hassle afterwards to update your system and software regularly and thus block potential security holes on your computer.

Don’t download anything, anywhere

It is probably by downloading that the number of viruses caught is the highest. You should therefore be very careful on the sites where you decide to download free software (we are not talking here about illegal downloading because by definition it is illegal and constitutes a nest for viruses). Choose reliable sources of reliable downloads that you have seen cited on different forums/blogs. We will only advise you better if you visit the website of the publisher of the software you wish to download as a priority.

Have a secure and hidden password

If any of your passwords are on this list of the 25 worst passwords of 2013, change them now! If that’s your date of birth, it’s not better! A password with at least 6 characters should be preferred and, if possible, include letters, numbers and special characters. In addition, it is often the case that files with all the user’s passwords are found on PCs or that posts-it is prominently displayed in front of the computer. Sometimes, the file is even accessible on the desktop and called “passwords”… If you can’t remember your passwords, choose password management software that will allow you to access them quickly but above all, never write them on your PC. It makes you too vulnerable.

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