I don’t know about you, but personally, I’m really not into cleaning. I really like tidying up because it’s easy for me to do it, but cleaning is always more like “you have to do that” than “I want to do that”. It helps a lot if you can make this compulsory task as easy as possible with a few little tricks, don’t you think?

Of course it is important to me that it is clean in the household. That’s exactly why I already have the first 3 tips today, which I think are the basics to make cleaning faster and easier.

1. Full surfaces

Nothing is worse than surfaces that are filled to the top with decoration. In the bathroom, for example, these popular shells.

Once I was with acquaintances in the guest bathroom and saw the shelf in front of the mirror and seriously asked myself how they managed to clean there.

Everything was full with cosmetics, although a cupboard was present, and evenly these shells mentioned. How does that work for them? Do they sweep everything from the shelf with their hands into a basket or into the sink, then wipe the surface over and then fill everything up again? For me a riddle and it deserves my respect because it was all picobello clean.

Decoration is beautiful and also important so that it looks cosy and homely in the house or apartment. But it is also important to make your tasks as easy as possible – in this case just the cleaning – and thus not to make the surfaces too full.

Less is therefore also more in this case.

2. Time to take effect

Cleaners just need time to take effect. There is no point in spraying the cleaner onto the surface with one hand and wiping with the other directly afterwards. The cleaner has no chance to do its job at all and you have to do a lot more.

If, for example, you want to clean the bathroom, then spray the surfaces with your cleaner and allow yourself a break – cleaning is exhausting enough after all 😉

After the cleaner has done his work for you, you can wipe the surfaces very easily and do not need much effort for it.

And there’s another big advantage, I think. Because you don’t need those chemical clubs anymore to really clean everything. It’s even enough if you make your own cleaners with a little water, vinegar and lemon. That’s also good for the environment.

3. It depends on the order

It makes little sense to vacuum the floor first and then work the surfaces with a feather duster. I can assure you that the floor can be vacuumed again afterwards.

This is exactly why it makes sense to work from top to bottom when cleaning.

First the lamps and lampshades are dusted, then it goes over to the surfaces on the cabinets and then further down until you suck at the very end first and then wipe or both at once, if you have a suction wiper, which is really super, by the way, because it combines two operations and thus really saves time.

Bonus tip for easier cleaning

Of course, the best way to clean a room is to clean it completely beforehand. The less in the way, the easier it is to clean 😉

With this simple trick, you’ll get rid of the mess in your apartment.

Okay, there are people who love housework and go out vacuuming, window cleaning and so on. But most of them could get their hair torn out in despair because they think they’ll never get the apartment or house tidy. It is easy to do something at every turn, a real Sisyphean job: dusting, vacuuming, cleaning, cleaning the toilet. And once you’ve finished one end, the other looks like Hempel’s under the sofa. There are a few very simple tricks for making the housework really relaxed. The secret lies in doing something small every day and not wanting to do everything at once on the weekend. On Home Fresh cleaning services a simple and universal plan was developed how to keep the whole house in order with only 20 minutes a day for one month. This plan saved my life.

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