Impact Of New Technologies On The Company

The new abbreviated information and communication technologies NTIC, and Information and communication technologies, ICT in English, are developing faster and faster, and are taking on more importance in companies. The name defines the result of the integration of these technologies within companies. They are more present to make life easier for employees. Telephones, as well as desktop and laptop computers, high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi, allow employees to work anywhere, anytime, under easier conditions than before.

New technologies are used to produce more information. It is also important to always keep up to date with new developments, as they evolve very quickly. The slightest change in a data such as a number, date or price can have an impact on other data. The problem is that employees working on documents can see changes in their data without knowing why they were made. Instead, they may feel that they are being subjected to new technologies, whereas their purpose is to provide ease and solutions.

Very few, if any, companies can do without new technologies to simplify their work, just by using a simple word processor, the telephone or all means of electronic communication such as emails, social networks, instant messaging etc….

Problems related to new technologies

NICTs also bring new diseases such as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). It is the most common occupational disease in France. It is a connection of the joints (muscles, tendons and nerves) that are due to repetitive work in the same position.

E-business and Websites

E-business was born thanks to the Internet, which pools all resources on the same network all over the world.

Today, 97% of managers use a personal computer for their work, as well as 51% use a mobile phone, according to a French study by the Chronopost Institute.

The deadlines are shorter and shorter, with the implementation of websites, customers expect a faster service, or product reception than before.

It is also necessary that the sites are up to date, and accessible in a simple way by first respecting the rule of three clicks.

The three-click rule is that a customer can access his search by using no more than three times the mouse click of his computer.

It is by following these principles that a company’s website can be better than that of its competitors.

Websites must also be attractive to customers. They must also be able to be modified in case of need or customer complaints.

Information on products and services must be included, as well as their uses and developments.

They are becoming more and more complete. You can create and configure your product on the net.


Thanks to electronic messaging, communication is increasing within companies, but also between companies and customers. But the problem is that for a large project in a company, teams must not lose control of the project and disperse by receiving multiple pieces of information from all sides.

Companies’ data are no longer only received by their own means, but they now use external data on which they depend. It is therefore necessary to ensure a partnership with the company’s suppliers.

To achieve lasting and continuous customer satisfaction, we must first obtain the same satisfaction from subcontractors, suppliers and everything that deals with our company.

Documents are now shared in a network as agenda, processes and documents for work. Everything must be put in place to prevent everyone’s work from being dispersed and employees from performing tasks that are not within their remit.

As a result, people no longer have to see each other to work together through all its networking means.


Thanks to the intranet, an Internet system that concerns only one company can pass on information to employees, as long as it is well kept up to date and contains all the information necessary for the smooth running of the company.


The training methods of a trainee also change, in fact now there are training methods by CD-ROM, by the Web or by a distance tutor. There are also learning opportunities by setting up premises and making practical cases available.


In conclusion, as previously mentioned, new technologies are not unanimously accepted by companies. Despite this, today these new technological tools allow us to do the work more efficiently, more quickly and above all with greater comfort. We believe that thanks to these increasingly efficient means of communication, a company can be at the disposal of its customers at any time, thus ensuring its success and smooth running. Among the many tools, emails are essential, they allow us to send orders or receive invoices all over the world. All this to say that the new technologies, which are constantly evolving, are of great value to companies, without which the various tasks would have been much more difficult to complete.

In our opinion, it would be beneficial for companies to use means of communication that will remain within the reach of their customers. It would be advantageous for them not to become dependent on technology and especially not to leave human contact behind if they wish to achieve sustainable development. Otherwise, if companies are too willing to use technology in the belief that it will make everyday life easier, they risk dissatisfying their employees and customers.

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